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Cavity Flashings

Vanluk provides designers, architects, builders, structural and façade engineers with proven, weathertight solutions.

Engineered to deliver a superior air seal for cavity penetrations, our innovative solutions offer unmatched reliability, versatility, and ease of installation in a sytemised approach.

Benefit from the exceptional performance of Vanluk Cavity flashings, utilized in both commercial and residential projects. 

Our patented cavity flashing systems are proven in the field and tested with Solid Aluminium, Trespa HPL, Composite panels, Cedar Weatherboards, Laminam Ceramic Tiles. Our cavity flashings also work with a variety of other claddings. 

cavity flashings

Custom-made solutions changing the NZ building industry

We have made simple cavity flashings a reality for much more than a standard circular pipe penetration. We tailor solutions for all types of steelwork: beams, channels, angle plates, louvres, balustrades, pergolas, vents, scuppers and other applications. Explore your requirements with us.

MG100 cavity flashing system

The MG100 range of cavity flashings are commonly used on downpipes, waterpipes, wastepipes and services that penetrate the cladding. The standard solution is for perpendicular penetrations. The MG100 can be preprofiled and fabricated in different sizes for most angles and compound angles. 

Why use MG50 and MG100 Cavity Flashings?

The MG50 and MG100 are air seal flashings designed for cavity construction where a pipe or similar penetrates the building paper or RAB air seal. They are used inside modern cavity wall systems and maintain the integrity of the air seal and assist the rainscreen in weather tightness. Before the final weather seal around the pipe or cable to the cladding is applied, the pipe or cable can be moved without affecting the integrity of the air seal.

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MG100 Beam Cavity Flashing

MG100 for structural steel

Vanluk cavity flashings can be installed on an array of structural steel members that penetrate the cladding, such as beams, RSJs, channels, columns, box sections, angles, tees and architectural features such as balustrades, ladders and canopies. 

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MG100 for steel plate and rod

Our MG100 cavity flashings work with steel plates, canopy struts and ties that penetrate the cladding. Simply ask about our custom cavity flashings.

pipe flashing systems

MG100 for scuppers, louvres and vents.

Scuppers, louvres and vents come in all shapes and sizes. Explore our solutions for you.

Scupper Cavity Flashing

MG50 Pipe and Cable Cavity Flashing 

The MG50 provides an improved flashing and a method of installation that is easy to install, creating a uniform air seal. A simple and effective approach giving a systemised, repeatable method of construction without undue reliance on an individual’s skill level.

An internal cavity flashing formed from Thermoprene® for pipe, rod and cable penetrations through modern cavity wall systems, the MG50 maintains the integrity of the air seal. Designed for either a rigid air barrier or a building wrap.

Each MG50 comes blank or with a pre-cut hole to suit a standard range of pipes and cables, with custom holes sizes and shapes available on request. A die cut double sided butyl tape is provided so the flashing can be adhered to the air seal quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary mess or curing times.

MG50 Centre Hole Diameters

The MG50 flashings are supplied individually or in packs of 10 with pre-cut holes and adhesive tapes ready for installation. Non-stock hole sizes can be manufactured at the customer’s request.

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Building Products

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MSC-50 Corner Protector 

Protect corners from damage and keep your facility looking newer longer with our corner protectors. A practical, attractive option to safeguard external corners both indoors and outdoors, Vanluk Corner Protectors have a smooth radius top and side edges to protect the public from injury. Concealed fixing options are available. Vanluk Corner Protectors can be ordered in a variety of sizes and materials.

Corner Protector

MEP Escutcheon Plates

Escutcheon plates are used for aesthetics. They can cover up eccentricity of holes, thicken the edge of thin materials like 0.5mm steel (for sealant purposes), thereby adding functionality as well as good looks to a project.

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escutcheon plates made from Trespa

Other Products

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MFD1 Shelf dividers 

This is a solution for organising your files and documents on an existing filing system. The Vanluk designed steel shelf divider, the MDF 1, can be used for organising files and documents simply and easily.

Our product suits Codafile’s desk organiser and cabinet products and is unobtrusive in a black satin powder coated finish with smooth rounded edges. The Vanluk Shelf Divider is manufactured from steel for strength and durability. Unlike plastic dividers which tend to break at the tabs and distort, our Vanluk Shelf Divider does the job it’s designed for.

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