By embracing the latest technology, unsightly flashings and cover plates for beams, fixtures and fittings that penetrate the exterior walls of buildings can be a thing of the past. Vanluk Design provides functional solutions to ugly flashings.

A small but highly innovative company, Vanluk Design, has found a solution to a common problem facing builders and construction companies – how to systematically deal with penetrations through exterior wall claddings.

Vanluk has solved the issue of cavity flashings with its patented MG-50 and MG-100 cavity flashings that fit snugly around pipes, beams, channels, angles, tees, scuppers and vents, to name but a few. The product is simple and fast to install in a systematic method that gives repeatable results. Thick claddings such as Trespa Meteon and cedar can have a weather seal applied in accordance with Sikas specification.

This works well when the cladding is 8mm-plus thick, but what happens with thinner claddings such as ACM at 4mm, aluminium at 2mm to 4mm, or steel at 0.5mm? How can you get an effective and compliant weather seal? This is the problem Vanluk has set out to resolve.

On a construction project, a skilful installer can make ACM and aluminium escutcheon plates from the cladding material, and where thin steel is the cladding, this can also be achieved with a complex nest of site-folded flashings. However, with skilled labour at a premium, installers’ time can be prioritised by using Vanluk’s patented cavity flashings and escutcheon plates, releasing the installers to get cladding onto the building in a timely manner.

John and Alex, co-owners of Vanluk, have developed a robust escutcheon plate system that is individually tailored for each project. The plates are produced in Vanluk’s manufacturing facility by CNC to match the profile of the penetrations which takes account of the compliant distance for the sealant. The escutcheon plates are fixed in place with tapes and adhesive, mechanical fastenings or, sometimes, a combination of all three.

flashing solutions

Vanluk works closely with architects and builders to ensure a building penetration is weathertight.

Ticking both the aesthetic and functionality boxes

“Our escutcheon plate is an aesthetic and functional solution for the exterior of a building,” says John. “It provides a compliant weather seal on the outside of the building, and the cavity flashings are installed behind that.”

Recently the company supplied escutcheon plates made from Trespa, a high-pressure laminate, for the DoubleTree by Hilton, Karaka. The escutcheon plates were custom-made and fitted to a 0.5mm steel fascia.

“There’s no standard range, and we make the plates to take into account the design requirements, shape and angles of the penetrations, whether they are perpendicular, angled or on a hip,” says John.

Vanluk works closely with architects and builders to find solutions to ensure a building penetration is weathertight. The company provides technical information to support architects for consent drawings and have 2-D and 3-D drawings of typical situations to show how the escutcheon plates are to be fixed to the building. The cavity flashings comply with the NZ building code and have been tested to ASNZS4284, E2 VM1 for weathertightness, and independently appraised for durability.

escutcheon plates made from Trespa

The company supplies escutcheon plates made from Trespa, a high-pressure laminate.

Where innovative thinking solves problems

“Often, we co-operate with architects and builders and help solve a unique detail that has come up in design or during the construction process,” says Alex. “Because the plates are all custom-made to order in Auckland, we can produce a solution fairly quickly.”

Escutcheon plates can also be used to cover damage to cladding or poor workmanship, for a fast and cost-efficient on-site solution. They can be supplied in ACM, aluminium, stainless steel and Trespa, and the architect can influence the design to minimise or emphasise a particular effect for aesthetic reasons.

Whether you want one or one hundred, Vanluk’s escutcheon plates are custom-made with care for every project, using skilled personnel and the latest CNC technology to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Get in touch with Vanluk to discuss the best solution for your next building project.